Jack, Peter, and Bob, too
Posted May 2nd, 2017

Bob Rafelson, the creator of The Monkees, and director their incredible Head movie, has some lovely things to say about our book about the band and the film, The Monkees, Head and the 60s by Peter Mills, and he’s kindly allowed us to share them here:

“Jack Nicholson actually brought the book to my attention. Since neither of us are inclined to read books talking about ourselves—or for that matter about the movie world—I was surprised with this one. Peter Mills began as a musician, so his appreciation of The Monkees both as phenomenon and critic is well-founded. The Monkee history is astonishing. As for “Head”, no-one has so thoughtfully elaborated on its meaning. The movie is elusive. But not to him or anyone who reads the book. And that includes me.”
—Bob Rafelson
Thanks Bob!